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We Are Like Waves T-Shirt

We Are Like Waves T-Shirt

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This beautiful tee is cropped for post surfing showcasing the "We Are Like Waves" logo. 


Santa Barbara based filmmaker, Jordyn Romero traveled to Sri Lanka to tell the story of Sanu, a local female surfer and give an overview of female surfers exprierence in the region. WE ARE LIKE WAVES is an intimate look into how surfing changes Sanu’s life, documenting the struggles and breakthroughs of becoming one of the first female Sri Lankan surfers. 

All donations go directly supporting the making of this film. Anyone who purchases a shirt will be able to be a part of private virtual showing of We Are Like Waves. 

The Impact

We Are Like Waves is an intimate, powerful story that the world needs now. This story will shed light on the continued push for gender equality in the sport of surfing, and demonstrates how surfing can be used as a tool for women’s empowerment. Not only is Sanu a role model for the young girls in her village, but through the screen, she will become a role model for girls and women. We aim to create a platform for deeper discussions around gender norms, beauty standards, and family expectations within the context of surfing. 

This story is not just Sanu’s, it is the story of many female surfers around the world.

The Story

Along the South Coast of Sri Lanka, surfing is everywhere. Yet only foreigners and local men fill the lineups. Surfing is not seen as a sport for Sri Lankan girls. This is a result of cultural and societal expectations that often place women inside the household, particularly in rural areas. Young girls are expected to follow certain standards: Attend school, study, work. Get married, and start a family. Be a housewife, cook, and clean. Most importantly, stay at home and put family first.

The ocean is simply not seen as a place for women. Therefore, like most girls, Sanu grew up watching her brother surf, but never considered it as an option for herself. When Sanu turned 18, she began working in the kitchen at a surf camp alongside her brother, who worked as a surf instructor.

At the surf camp, Sanu was often invited to try surfing by foreigners, but her fear of the ocean and going against her community’s expectations made her decline the offer again and again. One day, Sanu was asked by her boss and mentor, Sophie, to join her at SeaSisters, a weekly swim and surf program established  for Sri Lankan girls to help inspire and empower through surfing. Hesitant but curious, Sanu took the risk.

This is a story of finding one’s voice in a sea of expectations.

Here's where your money goes:

Here is the breakdown of  where the money will go:

$5,500 - Production: travel, gear, crew needs

$3,000 - Post-production: color, sound design, mix, original score

$1,500 - Distribution: film festivals, tour screenings/events, educational curriculum